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Selling Your Home in Atlanta Georgia

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Selling Your Atlanta Home  When selling your home there are no guarantees that a buyer will walk through your front door and buy your home. Wouldn't it be great? More often than not, your agent has to bring your home to the buyers. A seasoned agent, well versed in marketing will have to get Buyer and other agents attention!  Great agents will make use of various types of marketing.  It takes more than luck to sell a home, by placing a "For Sale" sign in your yard!  Successful agents like Jim and Ellen will maximize different forms of effective marketing media, and INTERNET marketing to ensure that your property receives maximum exposure to attract a ready, willing and able buyers. This form of exposure is also more beneficial to the seller, since you are not relying on the offer of just a single buyer.  The more interested buyers that are generated through effective marketing benefits the seller with a shorter market time, and the highest possible price.  Isn't that what's important?

The overall appearance of your home, a Buyer first impressions, and other considerations can also affect the sale of your home. Be sure to explore all tips for increasing your home's value. Have you considered that competing home prices in your neighborhood and the value of your property are some of the factors used for pricing your home? When you work with a seasoned professional agent like Jim and Ellen Crawford of REMAX Paramount Properties, you can count on  results!  Jim and Ellen are connected through a REMAX Paramount Properties network of over 60000 agents globally.  Their experience  proves them as recognized industry trend setters.  They are always available to answer the questions and concerns of their clients.

CAN WE INCREASE  OUR HOME VALUE?  You must remember, the market isn't the only factor that influences whether you get your asking price.  First impressions are very important!  The condition and overall appearance will play a very important part in the successful marketing of your home.    For more detailed information click on the following link:  Jim and Ellen's "HomeSeller Checklist!"

A COMPARATIVE MARKET ANALYSIS (CMA)  WILL GIVE YOU THE PRICES IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD A CMA will give you the average price of homes currently available, and homes sold in your neighborhood.  More weight has to be given to how much homes are actually selling for in your neighborhood is the key factors when determining the listing price for your home. 

Feel free to contact us for your FREE CMA.    We'll come to your home at a time that is convenient for you and present you with a Competitive Market Analysis of similar homes that recently sold in your neighborhood, and discuss ways  to maximize the market value of your property. Should you decide to list with us, we'll ensure your property will receive maximum exposure to qualified Buyer, and other real estate professionals.

PRICING YOUR HOME  What is Fair Market Value ? Basically, it's Economics!  Supply and demand dictate what a home is worth.   Barring any unseen motivators, it is what a buyer is willing to pay for property and seller is willing to sell for!  In a real world however, this is contingent on:   the buyer and seller needs, the amount mortgage company will lend, qualifications of the buyer, the motivation of the seller, credit and other market factors.

One also must acknowledge that the buyer, represented by a Buyer Agent will try and determine how much the home is worth to him / her based upon  a number of factors.   How long has the home been on the market, the condition of the property, and a comparison to similar priced home currently available or recently sold. In today's' market, especially with the advent of Buyer agency, Buyer are very well informed. Most buyers have a very good picture of the property in question, and current market conditions.

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Call us first!  We'll provide professional real estate services for an individual or a company!  Jim and Ellen Crawford are also both Broker Associates, and Accredited Buyer Representatives.

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